Religion in politics

How it may effect the 2012 presidential election, Students will be required to find a total of 4 current news articles and 4 academic research articles pertaining to any topic covered in this course (a current article is one discussing an event that occurred within the past year). Students will turn in their proposed research topic to the appropriately designated assignment folder by the end of week 8. This is assignment is similar to an annotated bibliography. A successful proposal should begin with a brief (one paragraph) discussion of the chosen topic. Students should clearly identify and define the topic references to the text will help strengthen this section. The proposal should also include an annotated list of the 8 sources found using APA formatting. Examples of how to annotate sources are provided in the links below (I am not concerned about a title page or abstract). Each annotation should include a 2-3 sentence explanation of why this particular article is relevant to the greater research topic. *****Note that part one of the research papers is weighted more heavily then part two. This is because of the importance that I place of research in the world of social science. Students should spend time thinking about their topic and finding relevant and interesting news and academic articles discussing their topic. I have provided links in the syllabus that help “show” students what annotated bibliographies “look like,” and how to cite different sources in APA formatting. Please use these resources! A successful bibliography for this assignment should be as follows: -Students DO NOT NEED A TITLE PAGE OR ABSTRACT! 1. Introduction paragraph that clearly defines and explains the topic chosen (reference to the text book is suggested) 2. A list of 8 sources in proper APA format with 2-3 sentences explaining how and why this source is relevant to your topic.




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