Minority Rights in Myanmar

(Rohingya Muslims)
Minority Rights in Myanmar (Rohingya Muslims)

1) History of Myanmar
Myanmar has been ruled by military juntas for over 50years until recently in 2011 when power was transferred to quasi-civilian government. The military juntas use to implement harsh policy of internal repression and international isolation. Myanmar has experienced a series of immigration throughout history. These migrations resulted to occurrence of various ethnic groups especially those from Central Asian Plateau. Rohingya is a minority ethnic Muslim group living in Myanmar.

2) the population of the Rohingya and if they a minority or not
Number of Muslim is 15%their population estimates to one million. They are a minority group because 80%-90% of the population in Myanmar is Buddhist.

3) What rights they have as minority,how the country of Myanmar deal with those minority?
As a minority group, Rohingya do not have any rights because the government has denied them access to basic human rights and freedom. The country of Myanmar deals with Rohingya minorities by subjecting them to persecutions and inhuman treatment. The government has denied them citizenships and forced them into camps. The state has labelled the practice of Muslim religion and their ethnicity as a crime committed by Rohingya because it does not recognize their faith and ethnicity.

4) How the UN help and international law as well and what declaration will support the Rohingyasituation?
The UN and other International community offer humanitarian aid to the Rohingya in Myanmar. They help Rohingya people by providing them with basic human rights. Additionally, they provide support to Rohingya people by speaking out their persecution to the International court. The UN declared that, Myanmar government needs to recognize Rohingya as an ethnic group and identify them as part of Myanmar as well as provide them with fundamental human rights and freedom.
The international law provides for protection of rights of Muslim minority in Myanmar. The law states that everyone has equal rights and freedom. This right is provided in article 2 and 3 of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). ICCPR is an international human right treaty that protects the civil and political rights of the minority groups. ICCPR forbids forcible removal of a person from a country or state. In addition, the treaty provides that the government should ensure safety of the personbefore removing a person from a state or country. This is to protect the person from exposure to risks such as torture, inhuman treatment, punishment, or threat of life. Therefore, it is the right and freedom of Rohingya Muslims to uphold the religion of their choice.

5) Isthe Rohingya have a rights to self-determination or not and why ?
Rohingya have a right to self-determination but since they are a minority group with no citizenship, they relay on International aid for their freedom