Exploring the opportunites and challenges of Islamic finance in Seychelles

Exploring the opportunites and challenges of Islamic finance in Seychelles
This paper have character and must fully address the topic of the research ?Exploring the opportunities and challenges of implemting Islamic finance in Seychelles. Please follow the step below ;
1.Do a ?SWOT? analysis to indentify the opportunities and challenges of implement Islamic finance in Seychelles
2.You should propose a model for implementing Islamic finance in Seychelles base on the following points
(i)Whether it should driven by private sector or the government
(ii)The fundamental for developing ̓ Islamic finance jurisdiction focusing on the regulatory framework for the Seychelles , corporate governance structure ? UK or Malaysia and why , greater transparency and disclosure of information, risk management framework ( NOTE THAT YOU SHOULD PROVIDE YOUR REASONS FOR MAKING YOU RECOMMENDATIONS)
3.Banking and non banking products for the Seychelles , whether it should introduce the products in phases like Singapore or attempt to make available all products and providing sound argument to support the recommendation.
4.Banking model appropriate for Seychelles ? is it fully fledge, subsidiary etc again provide reason for recommendation.
5.What are the international institution Seychelles should joint to kick start the process on upsetting ̓ Islamic finance service ( please prioritize and provide your reasons)
6.Seychelles is a prominent offshore jurisdiction what are the kind of Islamic financial products that Seychelles could add to its existing portfolio to further diversify and become the financial hub in the Indian ocean region.