Annotated Bibliography of resources

An annotated bibliography is an important step in gathering and cataloguing your research in preparation for the research essay. It is a list of citations to books, articles, and other documents which are relevant to your research topic; however, unlike a works cited, an annotated bibliography includes a summary and evaluation of each source.
For this assignment, you will need a minimum of 4 sources. Please use MLA style for the heading and the citation. Each entry should begin with the citation to a source, followed by a brief evaluative summary of approximately 4 sentences. The annotation should (1) summarize the relevant information and (2) explain the source’s usefulness to your research essay.

Evaluating Sources

You may use the web for your research, but evaluate carefully. Do you really want to cite a high school essay as a source on your college research paper? Is a movie review posted on a personal website (or even a newspaper website) really offering you any information you did not already know by watching the film?

I recommend using an academic library Online for your research. At least two of your sources must come from online ac edemic Library. Remember that the college pays for access to periodicals, books, and other resources that you cannot access for free using the Internet. Take advantage of the resources available at the college!
Look for sources that offer depth of analysis. Often this means that the better source will be the longer one. An essay of 1 page cannot offer the same depth of analysis as an essay that is 12 pages. A longer essay/source will offer more ideas for your analysis