Linguistics Movie and response paper

Cooperative Principle: Choose one of the 4 maxims of the cooperative principle (quantity, relevance, manner, or quality) and break it with at least 3 different people (family members, friends, etc.) who do not know you are purposely violating a maxim. Immediately after the conversations, write down each person’s response to your violation. For example, if you violate the maxim of relevance by announcing your love of baseball while watching the Packers game, you may receive strange looks, follow-up questions regarding your knowledge of sports, or other-initiated repairs such as “you mean football?” Then, provide a 2-3 page response paper that includes the maxim you broke, a brief description of how you broke it, the reactions of at least 3 people to the violation, and the significance of the maxim on maintaining successful communication. (You are encouraged to discuss your experiment with your participants after you have written down their reactions.)