The Role of Pregnancy, Nutrition and High-Risk Behaviors in Cross-Cultural studies

Each paper should NOT be a standalone assignment. However, each modular component of the SLP will be reviewed and assigned a letter grade.
Subheadings should be used that address each of the papers requirements.
Be sure to include appropriate references in your text!!!
FOR MODULE 3- As evidence of progress on your final assignment please submit a paper that contains the following:
Using the Purnell model Click here to link to the models description, describe the group you have selected in terms of “Pregnancy”, “Nutrition” and “High Risk Behaviors”. To be specific, be sure that your paper attempts to address the following areas of inquiry:
• Pregnancy

Sub-constructs of the Purnell model specific to “Overview/Heritage” include:

1. Fertility practices
2. Views toward pregnancy
3. Pregnancy beliefs
4. Birthing
5. Post-partum (including child rearing)

• Nutrition

Sub-constructs of the Purnell model specific to “Overview/Heritage” include:

1. Meaning of food
2. Common foods
3. Rituals
4. Deficiencies
5. Limitations
6. Health Promotion

• High-Risk Behaviors

Sub-constructs of the Purnell model specific to “Overview/Heritage” include:

1. Tobacco
2. Alcohol
3. Recreational drugs
4. Physical activity
5. Safety

There are sub constructs that need to be discussed in your paper. A discussion on economics, politics and education should be included.




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