clinical leadership

clinical leadership

Aim of Assessment
Write an essay demonstrating critical analysis and synthesis of the principles of leadership as applied to practice. The purpose of this assessment item is to provide you with an opportunity to explore an
area of interest from the leadership literature, to critically analyse the related literature and to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of this aspect of leadership on clinical practice

the titel
Critically discuss how leaders can communicate effectively to develop staff and transform an organisation, with particular emphasis on health care organisations. Illustrate your argument with critical discussion of examples from clinical experience and the literature on leadership and communication.
Criteria is :
Introduction : Introduction includes an excellently constructed aim, and
provides an exceptionally clear, comprehensive and concise thesis
statement that succinctly outlines the main points of the essay.

Content and Relevance:
Outstanding answer demonstrating an excellent understanding of the
essay topic. Discussion points, evidence and arguments are excellently and cogently articulated and supported by current academic literature.
Key points are illustrated with highly relevant examples.

Conclusion :
The conclusion provides an excellent, exceptionally relevant summary of the essay’s main points of discussion and draws these together to
provide a clear and concise restatement of the thesis position

Presentation and Referencing :
The essay demonstrates an outstanding standard
of written English and presentation as well as exceptionally comprehensive, accurate and consistent in-text referencing and a
flawless reference list.Addresses all criteria for presentation and
format listed in the Learning Guide


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