Psychology in the News

Topic: Psychology in the News
Psychology in the News
Purpose: The goal of this assignment is to continue to hone your ability to think critically about news claims about psychology by examining an article from the popular media which refers to psychological research, and responding to it using your critical thinking skills.
What you will do: Look at the following article linked below and carefully consider the following list of questions.
What you will turn in:
• Your paper should be typed in 12 point font, 1.5 or double spaced, 2-3 pages in list format.
• Include a header at the top of your paper with your name, the course, and the date.
• At the top, provide a citation for your source in APA format (which should include the url for your article). You can follow this guide to writing citations for online sources in APA here: NOTE: You do not need to put your whole paper in APA format. Just follow my formatting guidelines above and put your citation in APA format.
Guideline 1: Source should define terms.
Are scientific terms defined? Is jargon used? What meanings are conveyed? What is left vague or undefined?
Guideline 2: Source should examine the evidence.
Guideline 3: Reader must identify and analyze assumptions and biases.
Guideline 4: Source should avoid emotional reasoning.
Guideline 5: Source should not oversimplify.
Guideline 6: Source should consider other interpretations.
Guideline 7: Both source and reader must tolerate uncertainty.
Only need to use the link above as a resource.
All questions are thoroughly answered and critical thought has been applied to the contents of the article. Viewpoint to the article remains objective without personal opinion or emotion in analysis. Points made are illustrated with specific quotes from the article, and source information is accurately cited.