Essay on Person Centred Dementia Care in the Prevention of Behaviours and Aggression

Essay on Person Centred Dementia Care in the Prevention of Behaviours and Aggression
Length: 2000 words + or – 10%

Students are to write an essay on dementia and the application of person centred dementia care in the prevention of behaviours and aggression using the research literature.

Structures in details:
Please choose one behaviour to concentrate the essay on.

1. Introduction: 250 words = (10%)
Introduce dementia, behaviours, aggression and person centred care. How essay is structured

 My tutor’s structures for introduction:
– (Tell me what you are going to write about and how.)

2. Body: 1500 words = (60%)
– Integration and synthesis of literature to formulate an essay
– In depth integration of the literature into a relevant body of work on person centred care and behaviours and aggression
– Appropriate and evident paraphrasing and demonstration of understanding of person centred dementia care
– Demonstration of conceptual thinking of the topic material at a high level of abstraction
– Establishing and clear articulation of the significance of person centred care relating to prevention of behaviours and aggression

 My tutor’s structures For the body:
– (First 500 words – describe something about dementia, different types of behaviour and the specific behaviour you are going to concentrate on.
– Next 500 words – discuss person-centred care, what elements make up person-centred care and which PPW(s) you will focus on.
– Next 500 words – now discuss how the literature shows what management strategies have been used for the specific behaviour you have chosen and how the PPW you have chosen assists the management of the behaviour you have chosen. You can discuss the pros and cons of the different approaches and whether PPWs work better (based on the evidence in the literature).)

3. Conclusion: 250 words = (10%)
Effective and succinct summary of the main points made in the essay and implications for practice, education and research

 My tutor’s structures for the Conclusion:
– (Describe what you set out to do in the essay and how you have accomplished this. End with detailing how the PPW assists the specific behaviour you have chosen and how this might apply in your own practice.)

4. Organisation/structure = (10%)
– Clear, organised and structured presentation
– Use of appropriate headings
– Use 3rd person
– Spelling & grammar
– Font 12 point
– Spacing/margins
– Adherence to word limit

5. References = (10%)
• follow Flinders Uni- Harvard referencing guide
• Both text and list Referencing are required
• Age of references: references should preferably be less than 5 years old.



D. A very important research resource that you might benefit from for this essay and highly recommended by my tutor
There are many resources on the web for further learning and development. Recommended sites to visit include, but are not limited to:
– Alzheimer’s Australia
– Dementia Collaborative Research Centers
– Dementia Training and Study Centers
– Alzheimer’s Disease International
– World Health Organization
– Various government resources.

Dear writer, this assignment is worth 50% of final grade and I need to get a high mark on it in order to pass this topic. So please follow its structures & the Marking rubric.

In order to pass this assignment, students must successfully address each of the criteria outlined in the marking rubric. Also, the assignment should written in the 3rd person

I have uploaded all the documents that you need for this paper. Plus, some important resources.

Kindly see the attached files:
1st: Question and Marking Guide for Assignment 3
2nd: Resources for dementia
3rd: Come Into My World – How to Interact with a Person who has Dementia – pdf
4th: Dementia Powerpoint
5th: The referencing guide.