AND SAMPLING PLAN:describe our methodology.describe who the subjects are and where they are located,but do not name the actual institution or agency. indicate how you plan to select the sample of subjects. E.g participants were selected randomly or participants are those diagnosed with a particular condition in the past 2 years.The team surveyed number of clients in long term care facilities in Adelaide.Participants answered on a voluntary basis and the survey was provided to all clients except those with dementia. variables:Because the survey was not given to clients with dementia this group is excluded from the survey data.The survey team recognises that this may impact the data. The survey team decided to carry out the survey using a written survey document which has been attached. our presentation is on fall prevention. I want only this part to do from you But I want tell you another part just for your knowledge which is 1 part INTRODUCTION AND PURPOSE OF THE STUDY AND 2 PART IS REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE/HISTORY OF THE ISSUE AND 3 PART IS RESEARCH QUESTIONS WHICH ARE 12 e.g. what is your gender? have you fallen in the last six months? did you sustain any injury? what type of treatment did you require? have you been diagnosed with any of following condition like stroke,heart condition,other . I need everything from website not from books or articles please.And I need Harvard reference. please make sure everything from websites.