argumentative text

Topic: argumentative text
One of the skills one should have as a student at this advanced level is to know the difference between formal and informal language. This assignment is to show that you are able to tell the difference between the two by using a formal language. You must also show that you can compose a clearly structured text, reference sources and argue for or against a specific topic.
1. Read the article “Why Doesn’t GM Sell Crack?” on pp. 43-46 in Progress Gold C. Consider the language used by the author, Michael Moore, and choose one of the issues discussed in his article that you would like to argue for or against. The position chosen does not have to reflect your personal opinion.
2. Find at least two arguments supporting the position you have chosen and one rebuttal argument refuting it. Each argument has to be supported by a source and your text should include one reference to Moore’s article.
3. Read pp. 119-120 in Progress Gold C. Even though this is not an essay, you should follow the same strucutre in this text, giving it a clear introduction, a main body of text and a conclusion. Please note the requirement to structure the text into proper paragraphs.
4. Begin writing your text. Start by introducing your position in an introdcutory paragraph and in a new paragraph, your main body of text, go through each argument supporting your position and the rebuttal argument. Do not forget to reference clearly. Make sure to use your arguments to explain why the rebuttal argument should be considered invalid. The concluding paragraph should summarise the main points of the text and include the conclulsions that can be drawn. This text should consist of 400-600 words.
The language of English 7 should be formal and this will demand the use of a varied and nuanced vocabulary. All words have to be written in their proper form (contractions are not allowed) and first person (I, us, we) and second person (you) should not be used. If you need help or suggestions on how you can vary your language when writing, watch the YouTube video link found in the headline, hava a look at “Linking words” on pp. 124-125 and “Synonyms for common and overused words” on pp. 133-139 in Progress Gold C, and the document “Guide to succesful writing” attached below.
Take a look at this tutorial as well, on how to structure your text clearly and how to write a good argumentative text.
You are required to use at least two sources, but you may, of course, use more than two if appropriate. Please note though that Wikipedia is not allowed and that all sources used must be written in English.
In this text you must show that you can use sources and properly reference borrowed information. This means that it in the text has to be made clear, in writing, from where the information is borrowed and who said it. See pp. 124-125 in Progress Gold C for example words to use when referencing in a text.
The two main reference systems are called Harvard and Oxford, and you need to be consistent in your use. The Harvard system utilises brackets (Harvard) inserted into the text after the referenced information has been relayed, while the Oxford system uses footnotes. If referencing online sources the Oxford system is preferred as this will not disrupt the flow of the text.
Please keep in mind that is it not enough just to insert a website address as a reference, online sources usually have authors and titles too. See the attached document for further instructions on how to write proper references. Do not forget to include a complete list of references after your completed text.