Political Science

Political Science

The following elements must be included in your one page (no less, no more) paper:

• In a paragraph you will describe what you learned from the Where Do You Fit? Political Party Quiz. Do your results accurately describe your political beliefs as you understand them? Discuss.
• In a paragraph identify and describe the three most significant agents of political socialization that influenced the development of your political beliefs.
• After reading the article “For Voters It’s Still the Economy,” identify and discuss the top five issues facing the United States (in your opinion) and how your political beliefs contribute to your choices. This should be a paragraph.
• Finally, in a paragraph discuss the two most important things you have learned from doing this exercise.
Formatting Instructions
In order to give all students an equal opportunity to prepare a good paper, the formatting rules listed below must be followed. You will lose points if you do not follow the rules.

• One page (no more, no less)
• Double space
• 1 inch margins all the way around
• 12 point regular font (not narrow)

Online Survey of Political Beliefs
I would like you to respond to the questionnaire at the following website:

Where Do You Fit? http://www.people-press.org/political-party-quiz/

This is an easy way to assess your political beliefs and to tie them in to one of the American parties. You will spend some time taking it and analyzing the results. You will likely need to spend some time learning about the meanings of different terms used to describe political beliefs.

What Are The Most Important Issues?

You will read an article titled “For Voters It’s Still The Economy.” In it you will review findings of survey research indicating the top 12 priorities of Americans as of September 2012.

For Voters It’s Still the Economy

Based on your own preferences, I want you to identify and describe the top five political issues that interest you. How do your political beliefs align with your position on these five issues? Do you understand why you feel the way you do about these issues?

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