How social networking sites in the Middle East plays an important political role in comparison with Britain?

Assessment 2

Assessment task:Proposal

Word count or equivalent: 500 words
Assessment briefing:
The proposal is a critical part of the assessment that must be submitted in order for you to pass the module. In the proposal, you will declare the area of interest you intend to explore in the final dissertation, and outline how you intend to go about it. Research questions, methodologies, and time management should feature in the proposal, as well as any other considerations that you feel are relevant.We will think about issues relating to your proposal throughout our time together in semester 1, giving you time to reflect upon and refine your ideas before assessment 2 is submitted. The module leader will read and mark your proposal on the basis of the technical assessment criteria outlined below. Once you have submitted the proposal, you will be expected to stick to the broad title and the general topic when you come to write the dissertation itself.

The proposal is particularly important, because it is the basis upon which your dissertation supervisor will be assigned. Your supervisor, chosen for having in-depth insight relevant to your chosen subject, may advise you to finesse or modify your ideas somewhat, even if the module leader has already approved them. This may be because your supervisor has a more developed understanding of the issues that you wish to explore. Your supervisor may guide you through a number of documented discussions to arrive at a submission that satisfies your interests and our need for academic rigour. Despite any possible tweaks and changes, however, it is expected that you will not deviate radically or entirely from the topic suggested in your proposal.

The proposal must be approximately one side of A4 paper and should include the following:

1. The proposed title of your dissertation;

2. A brief outline of the areas that you intend to cover in the dissertation, including the key research questions you wish to address;

3. A note on your proposed methodology and its suitability for your project;

4. An indication (where relevant) of the primary sources (magazines, television programmes, films, CDs etc) that you intend to use

5. A schedule of work – what you propose to do and the date by which you will have completed it

Assessment criteria:
The proposal will be marked on:
• Evidence of independent preparatory research;
• Ability to articulate an appropriate research question or set of research questions;
• Knowledge and understanding of which methodological approachesmay be appropriate for the chosen topic;
• The clear presentation of your work, together with evidence of careful editing and proofing (including accurate and consistent referencing).