History and Political Science

History and Political Science
Read Chapter 7 – Interest Groups and Political Parties and Chapter 13 – Domestic Policy. You will write an essay focused on one of the following domestic policy issues: a. Health Care, b. Environment and Energy, c. Immigration, d. Fiscal Policy, and e. Social Security.

Required components of your essay:

A. For the policy issue selected make sure to address the following in your essay:
 What is the public policy problem? What is causing this problem?
 Why is it important to address this social problem?
 What is government currently doing or not doing to resolve this problem?
B. For the policy issue selected you are also be required to research interest groups that
are currently focused on advancing or shaping this policy. Be sure to address the following:

 What is an interest group and role of interest groups in shaping public policy?
 How do interest groups fit into our democracy?
 Why are these groups focusing on shaping this particular policy issue?
 Are these interest groups successfully shaping policy? What have they accomplished or what is their goal?
Immigration Policy: What interest groups are working to shape immigration policy? Are they in favor of more strict immigration policy or legalizing undocumented immigrants? Why do these groups feel this is the best public policy for the county? How are they influencing policy and are they successful?


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