Australia has often been called ‘the Lucky Country’. Has Australia been lucky or good?

– General requirement (Essential)
: This assessment is from Globalization the Asia-Pacific and Australia
: Essay should contain more than 1800 words and fewer than 2200 words
: Essays should be double-spaced and have wide (at least 3 cm) margins
: The essay must contain at least three critical secondary sources (List will be provided)
: Essays should conform to standard academic conventions. In other words, you need to reference appropriately and provide a bibliography.
: Internet sources need to be properly references
: Resources need to be opened resources
: Resources are mainly form AUS
: The Matching rate from Safeassign should not be exceed 5%
– Contents of Essay (Essential)
: The argument position must be taken for topic if AUS lucky or not
: The reasons for argument should be appeared For example if you choose AUS has been lucky, the reasons that AUS has been lucky must be included
: Main body should support main argument
: The opposite argument is required to strengthen main argument
: Introduction should be clear including argument and overall reasons
: Conclusion should be clear including whole summary of main arguments and reasons
: Proper references are required, which is relating to topic and argument