Metabolic Disease Epidemic Report and Program Proposal

Choose one of these two issues from the topic metabolic disease epidemic:

  1. Adulthood type two Diabetes
  2. Childhood obesity (primary school aged children)


Write a report for the Australian federal health minister regarding a program you would recommend to address your chosen issue.


Your report should include the following information:

  1. a) Introduction to your report comprising definition and discussion of the prevalence and causes of this issue. Also include identification and justification of the specific target group / population group your program will aim to address.


  1. b) A brief discussion including an explanation of why this problem is considered a public health nutrition issue and why a public health approach is needed in this population group / target group.


  1. c) A review of two current or recent programs / initiatives (for example a nutrition intervention study or a national level program) to address this public health nutrition issue, focussing on critical analysis of relevant strengths and limitations of those initiatives (These must be programs / initiatives which were not discussed in the unit materials). You must provide a reference for each of the programs.


d) A proposal of one unique program / strategy to address this public health nutrition issue based on your review of existing programs (For example you should design your program with consideration for the strengths and limitations of the two other programs discussed in your review). Include a brief discussion of some likely strengths and limitations of your proposal, together with a brief conclusion