PDSA Cycle- Quality Improvement- Medication Clinical Incidents

The purpose of writing this report is to inform senior management and help make executive decisions about a particular issue. (That issue being the topic you have chosen from the available list in the assessment guide). In informing senior management, you are facilitating decision making about what is best practice and if a change in policy required. Your audience would also include the clinical team in the area you are working in; as results are shared at all levels and this highlights the importance of the content of this unit, which revolves around Governance. Having accountability and responsibility in leading change, improving the work culture and performance at all levels.

you will need to introduce/explain/ link the importance and role of Governance/Leadership and QI into your report using the literature you have read to do this. Using an example is up to your individual approach to this section. The purpose is that you are able to show an in-depth understanding of these; so an example from your topic is not as essential as it is in the PDSA.

You need to link your topic with the quality improvement cycle, through analysis and synthesis of the literature to support your discussion. This means supporting with references and an example (from your topic area) to give context and meaning to the process. Remember each stage of the PDSA deserves equal discussion and weighting.