No one would have ever thought that a “chick flick” could become an extremely hilarious movie. Most of the time, such kind of movies are reserved for women and their emotional and sensitive counterparts. However, “Bridesmaids” managed to outdo itself proving that women can actually be very funny and a “chick flick” can indeed become appealing to a diverse audience. Many hilarious comedies have always been dominated by a male cast for example, “Superbad”, “Hangover” and so on, with their story line mostly influenced by crazy behavior during or after a drinking stupor. “Bridesmaids” on the contrary uses real women issues and situations to make things uproarious. It is an outstanding depiction of two bridesmaids fight for the control of the bride’s wedding, her approval, attention and love.

Through it all, the brilliant cast manages to arouse humor and appreciation of the woman’s viewpoint on various issues.

Considering the title of the movie, it would not be expected for it to do very well neither would anyone expect the level of humor that “Bridesmaids” carried. Therefore it is not surprising that it was termed as a surprise “success”. According to (Vincent 2011), “Bridesmaids” was surprisingly successful because it embraced the feminine honesty without all the other elements that make “chick flicks” totally unbearable like high heels, shopping and glamour.

It exceeded expectation as the characters did not behave as expected considering the producer of the movie who is known for movies with a lot of bad mouth vulgarity, beer and men who act like losers. “Bridesmaids” managed to be sweet and nice in a funny “Hangover” way. Arguably, the proclamation of producer Judd Apatow as the man behind “Bridesmaids” was enough to propel this movie to a surprising success…

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