Pharmacology of Cardiovascular & Respiratory Drugs

Below are 3 questions relating to the pharmacology of cardiovascular & respiratory drugs. In no more than 1000 words, you are to answer the specific questions. you are required to research each issue, using various sources (i.e. not just text books, but also journal articles and peer reviewed sources and construct answers that show that you understand the issues raised by each question, and are able to address them in a succinct, but informative way.

You are to pay particular attention to proper referencing, both in text, as well as at the end of your assignment.

1. Discuss the importance of appropriate renal function in regulating blood pressure.

2. Explain how ACE I and ARBs help in diabetes care

3. Discuss the mechanism of action of monoclonal antibodies in asthma care, and compare their efficacy with that of corticosteroids.