Principles of Marketing

Principles of Marketing

Homework Learning Exercise #2: VALS Segmentation

Date Assigned:May 17, 2013 Date Due:May 21, 2013, at the beginning of class
Exercise Learning Objective:
Apply your knowledge of the VALS framework to interpret your personal VALS classification, evaluate its accuracy as a segmentation tool,and contrast it to another culture’s framework.

Your Assignment: (a maximum of 50points can be earned)
Read about the VALS method of psychographic market segmentation in your textbook (page 162).Then go to the SBI website at Find the link to the on-lineVALS survey. Take the survey. Either leave the results page on-screen, print it, or take careful notes! You will need this information!

Everyone must answer these two questions:
1. What is your Primary and Secondary VALS type?
2. How closely do the VALS segment profiles match your view of yourself? Are the segment’s “Favorite Things” some of your favorite things?

IMPORTANT:If you consider “U.S.”culture to be your home or native culture, complete Section A below. If you do not, complete Section B.

Section A (if your home culture is“U.S.”)
Go to the description of the Japan-VALS system (find the link for “International VALS”). Study the information about the system and Japan-VALS consumer segments and answer the following questions:
3. Which Japan-VALS segment most closely matches the U.S. VALS segment you are in?
4. What is the key point of difference between Japan-VALS and U.S. VALS in terms of the two primary dimensions used to develop segments and what does this tell you about a basic difference between Japanese and American culture?

Section B(if your home culture is NOT“U.S.”)
Review the information about the Japan-VALS system(find the link for “International VALS”).
Answer the following questions:
3. What is your home culture (e.g., country name, region name, etc.)?
4. TheVALS survey that you took is designed for consumers who home culture is “U.S.” The two primary dimensions of the U.S. framework are “primary motivation and resources”; in the Japan system, they are “primary motivation and attitudes about social change”.If you were consulting with SBI to help it develop a VALS system for your home country/culture, what specific recommendations for change (if any)would you make for the two primary dimensions? Briefly explain why or why not you would recommend changes from the U.S. dimensions.




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