Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Subject: Tourism
Firstly, our team picks the Hyatt Regency Birmingham hotel.
Building on your findings and conclusions in part A, you are required to write an individual report outlining a suggested marketing strategy, focusing in detail on one of your target markets for the future marketing direction of your chosen organisation in dealing with the issues and\ or problems identified in part A.

• Clearly identify the chosen target market of the hotel, making reference to any relevant motivations and trends
• Summarise the marketing issue(s) opportunities or challenges faced by your organisation in attracting your chosen target market
• Clearly identify and discuss the image and positioning strategy required for your target audience
• Clearly identify and discuss other key marketing strategies relevant to your future success
• Clearly outline a tactical marketing campaign, discussing in detail any relevant marketing mix activity. You should make specific reference to any promotional/communication mix activity and consider any specific interactive marketing needs, taking into account latest best practice of e-marketing techniques
• You should discuss any potential issues/problems with the implementation, control and measurement of your ideas

Our PPT includes some information:

Customer Analysis
What are the motivations and determining factors affecting your key customers? Who are your potential target markets and customer segments?

Delivering the Value Proposition
What is your customer value proposition? Do you have the available resources to deliver this? How does your organisation measure up to the critical success factors?

Current issues with image and branding
What is the current brand image? Does your online value proposition contribute? What are the image related problems/issues affecting your organisation?

Competitive market issues and emerging trends
Competitive analysis – strategic groups and market trends. How do you compete with against your key competitors and which key industry and consumer trends are affecting your industry/business



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