Marketing Profile of an up-and-coming female artist/band

Although Wikipedia is a useful source, I prefer that you only use it as a starting point. Consult
artists/bands/record labels’ webpages, encyclopedias, newspapers, journals, magazines, books,
etc. to collect information for your papers.
• Marketing Profile: Imagine that you are a manager for an up-and-coming
female artist/band and need to create a marketing profile. How would you pitch the
artist/band to a record label? (You can choose someone not discussed in class.) Conduct
the appropriate research necessary to glean pertinent background information and write
500-800 words addressing the following:
o Artist/band’s name, members (must be female!) and respective instruments
o Musical style and key stylistic features of artist/band
o Target audience, and why the artist/band would appeal to this audience
o Expected career trajectory, and why
o Any other information you think necessary to create an appealing pitch to
producers etc.
o Be creative and have fun! This paper does not need to be written like a formal,
academic assignment. It should be flashy, catchy, and clever in order to appeal to
an important record label!
o Submit a Works Consulted page along with the Profile; if you cite directly,
remember to include proper citations.