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understanding of quantitative analysis is going to be critical to your success with the cases. Your score on the Marketing Math Assignment is a good predictor of how well you will do on the quantitative aspects of the cases. If you did not do well, I would recommend that you go back to the Solution to the Marketing Math Concept Check that is posted under Module 1. You should use this document as a reference guide for basic quantitative analysis. It includes explanations of the basic concepts as well as examples of the calculations. The calculations that you will need to understand for the first case are:

Contribution margin


Breakeven market share

The discussion of contribution margin begins on page 4, breakeven analysis begins on page 15, and breakeven market share begins on page 27. You should also look over the problems from the graded Marketing Math Assignment that relate to these concepts. If you have any questions about these concepts or any of the other concepts from the concept check, please post them to the Module 1 discussion forum, and I will be happy to help you.

I do not want your first assignment in the course to tank your entire semester. If you did not do well on the graded Marketing Math assignment, I am going to give you a chance to improve your score. A Marketing Math Makeup assignment will be posted at the end of next week. (It is going to take me some time to pull a second assignment together.) If you decide to complete that assignment, I will average your scores on those two assignments when calculating your final grade.

Again, for now, the most important concepts that you need to focus on are contribution margin, breakeven, and breakeven market share.
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