3M Corporate Organizational Dynamics Analysis Paper

this paper on a Corporate Sales for 3M Company, Sales Representative for (selling Occupational Health & Environmental Safety, Group product sales division. My customer base varied from small business, large hospitals, major manufacturers and government facilities. Focus this paper on plan the restructuring of the sales management team in the corporate office. Analyze all the frames in the complete the tasks asked in the uploaded Rubric. For organizational structure in the Organizational Dynamics Analysis paper due in Week 6.

Organizational Dynamics Analysis Paper Guidelines
Prepare and submit an 8 – 10 page paper that briefly describes the situation, defines and discusses the
theoretical framework of the four frames, analyzes the situation through each of the frames, and
integrates the analyses to draw valid conclusions and make recommendations that achieves the desired
organizational outcomes. A well-constructed paper will reference 5 or more scholarly sources including 4
peer-reviewed journal articles retrieved from Brandman’s virtual library, adhere to APA standards, and
include the following:
Situation Description
In no more than one page, describe a current or past organizational situation, issue or event you are or
have experienced to examine through the structural, human resources, political and symbolic frames;
briefly discuss the organization’s goals and desired outcomes, key players (names optional), and any
other relevant background information. The situation described should be consistent with the one
approved by the instructor in week 2 and used as the scenario in the discussion board in weeks 2 – 5.
Theoretical Framework
Prior to analyzing the situation through the structural, human resources, political and symbolic frames,
define and discuss each frame, and its value in analyzing organizational issues. You may want to
consider the assumptions behind the frames, the impact of the frames on individual and group
performance and/or the insights each frame provides into organizational dynamics.
Application of Theory
Analyze your situation through each of the four frames assessing the impact of frame on the achievement
of organizational goals and desired outcomes. Synthesize and integrate the findings of the four frames
analyses to draw valid conclusions and make recommendations on how to address the organizational
situation, issue or event.