Here is the work attached in the word file that was made by the previous writer. There are several problems with that report on Burberry brand, they are:
1. The PESTEL Analysis on Burberry was global and it needs to be sticked to United Kingdom only and be more specific (real examples etc).
2. Value Chain analysis was poor because it should have been more specific and the structure was absolutely wrong. The structure should be in the same order as in the picture I’m attaching to you as well with the specific figures, names, processes related to the Burberry brand (for example: specify who are the suppliers of the materials if you will find it or anything like that).
3.Add 2-3 recommendations in total (for example: two for PESTEL findings and one for the value chain analysis findings, or other way around).

You can use as much information from the previous work as you want if you will meet my requirements, however of course there will be many findings needed made by you as well from the other sources. The given references can be used as well, however I would like to ask you to use your ones as well (any number of your references but not more that 12 + the references that are included already). The references you would like to use will need to be cited exactly the same way as the given ones. If it is online, then provide the link where I can find the source in internet.