How to plan for the trip

Craft an introductory paragraph that:
• Identifies what you are explaining
• Inspires the readers’ interest in your process
2. Use transitions wisely to provide clear step-by-step directions in a logical order.
3. Generate body paragraphs that are narrow enough to explain the task thoroughly.
4. Incorporate conditions and materials required to complete your task clearly within your body paragraphs.
5. Include the time frame required to complete the job.
6. Define all technical terms or jargon.
7. Use examples and specific details to convey your information clearly and completely.
8. Craft a conclusion paragraph that:
• Avoids saying “In conclusion…”
• Lets the reader know why what you are talking about is useful.
9. Include visual examples, with citations, to support and clarify your explanation.
10. Ensure that the writing is free of errors and uses proper APA style including a reference page.