Reflective essay Leadership and change (Nursing Management)

Reflect on an experience of change at the workplace. Critically analyse the change management process. Use Gibbs model of reflection. Compare the process with current ideas and theories from the literature about effective change management and leadership. Include the following topics in the reflection on experience of change
– Leadership and management styles and workplace culture
– Motivating individuals and teams
-Achieving organisational goals and planning
– Managing resistance, power and conflict resolution
– Application of change management theory
2000 words

Criteria to be achieved in reflective essay
1. Application of speciality knowledge to practice
2. Analysis of actions, reactions and feelings in the context of their professional practice
3. Research and evidence based practice and professional standards into the reflection process
4. Reflects upon learning to guide clinical practice and enhance patient care

Use A4 sizing for word processed submissions.
• Leave a 2.5–3.0 cm margin on both sides of all pages.
• Submit your work using a 12-point font, unjustified text.
• Use 1.5 or double line spacing.

Referencing- there is no limit on referencing, over reference rather than under reference.

Need the reference list attached with.