Leadership DynamicsPart 1:

Utilize the case study at the conclusion of chapter 5 of the text entitled Balancing Priorities at Clif Bar. Avid cyclist, Gary Erickson has created his own “energy bar” which has been a huge success with over $20,000,000 in sales. Gary has faced several critical issues and questions concerning the long-term growth and sustainability of his company. Briefly, but adequately, respond to the three questions at the conclusion of the case for this discussion.
Part 2: Complete the Myers-Briggs personality profile at Humanetrics, share the results with your peers and briefly discuss your perception of the results of the profile and if you believe these results accurately reflects your personality. Include your profile (ENFJ, INTJ, etc.) in your posting title. (I am an ENTJ, which I believe to be very accurate).
Part 3: (REFLECTION): Upon completing your personality profile, describe the results of each section or facet of the profile, discuss if you believe the profile fits your self-perception or image and share the profile with a good friend or family member and record their reactions concerning how well they believe the profile fits you. Your response should be approximately 100 words excluding the comments from your friend or family observer.
Please note that these parts are to be completed as separate entities.