leadership and management in professional contexts


1.Management style (this tests L01, L02)- 900 words- to be completed by week 12, 15th December 2015. This is 25% of the mark for the workbook

To be completed by week 12, 18th December 2015

This section should be 900 words long, and is 25% of the mark for the workbook.

You should reflect back on your experience of working in a group to develop your presentation. What was the ‘management style’ adopted by your group? Was this the ‘right’ management style to achieve your goals? Justify your answer

This section should include an analysis of the management style adopted by your group, and a critical review of your team’s approach, linking it to the management style used

Reflecting on the ‘management style’ questionnaire filled at the start of the semester, has your approach to management changed since you completed the questionnaire? Why?

Please note that you need to demonstrate in this section that you understand and can apply theories of management style.

At the end of this section, you need to provide references, including books and journal articles. These should be in the correct Harvard referencing style