an analysis of Leadership styles on Barnados Charity project

Hi, order descriptions have been uploaded. Please take your time to read it as the last time one of my friend complained that the writer did not read the instructions properly.

This is a business report. So please follow how the business report should be written.
Basically as part of one of our module at uni we were tasked with working a group to identify a fundraising opportunity to generate at least £400 for a global charity called BARNADOS. Now I have been asked to revisit the experience and to write a business report by undertaking research into leadership styles. So please introduce in a nice way the business context, business topic(which is leadership style) and the audiences. Also, look into the files so you can see the agreed aims of the business for the business audiences between me and my supervisor. You can use 3 leadership models/theories to find out the aims for the audiences. Don’t describe any of the theories instead please analyse them.

use headings and subheadings as required as long as they make senses to the audiences of the business report. If you use any graphs, model pictures or table just in case please put them as a picture which will save some words so you can write more about it.

please please check the assessment brief and the assessment instructions also I have uploaded the charity project we have done before. I just thought it might help you to see what we did to raise the money.

Please have an executive summary at the beginning of the business report but make sure it is not more than 1 page as the words will be countable.