Topic: Tort Contract law

Topic: Tort Contract law

Negligence on the part of the plaintiff in a negligence case and consent in an intentional tort case should bar the recovery of money for a plaintiff from a defendant who has been proven to have negligently injured the plaintiff or intentionally injured a plaintiff.

Must Use lecture attached to answer as well follow I stands for Issue. This part of the analysis is provided to you in the Discussion Question asked. Therefore, the first part of the analysis is done for you and you can move right to the next step in writing your answer.

R stands for Rule. This part of the analysis requires you to state the rule of contract or tort law that applies including any applicable definition precisely. The rules and definitions will be contained in the module material.

A stands for Application. This is the most important part of the framework! This is the section of the analysis where you take just the facts given and apply them to the rule/definition that you previously stated. This is the point of the analysis where you explain why the facts support and prove each element of the rule/definition or why they do not.

C stands for Conclusion. This part requires you to concisely state your conclusion/answer to the question(s) asked.