Topic: Separation of Powers & Public Administration

Topic: Separation of Powers & Public Administration-Answer in two pages

1.Civil Service Reform Act. This question contains two questions and counts for two different questions in terms of points. First, what did the Civil Service Reform Act accomplish? What ethical issues surround the SES?

2.Control over the Bureaucracy. Specifically, how does Congress and the President control administrative discretion? What is at stake here?


1.Civil Service Reform Act. Find on the internet.

2.David Rosenbloom, Whose Bureaucracy is it anyway?” – This was a Gaus presentation delivered at a professional conference. Search for it on

3.Rourke, Francis. 1993. Whose Bureaucracy Is This, Anyway? Congress, the President and Public Administration, PS: Political Science and Politics, Vol. 26 (December): 687-692.