This is a Case Report, it has to be 1500 words.
as you completed this essay on the prevalence of anxiety and depression in Aboriginal community in Australia ,so it is related to same study/case.
as one of the headings is prevalence of the condition so you can mention about the anxiety and depression in that and may be can talk a little about other conditions as well which are mentioned in the case.
Headings for the Case Report

1. Summary of the Case
2. Prevalence of the condition/s within the Aboriginal population
(You can mention the same as anxiety and depression prevalence as well)
3. Risk factors and the relationship between these and the Aboriginal population
4. Communication issues highlighted in the Case
5. Historical/Political/Cultural Issues highlighted in the Case
Please read the following case along with the transcript.

My name is Jean Jerry. I am an Aboriginal man from Tamworth NSW. My tribe is Gamiliroi. I am 52 years old and I have lived in Qld since I was 15 years old.

The main health issue for me, at the moment, is eczema or psoriasis. In my early years around about 16 or 18 I started contracting epilepsy, that also runs in the family. The epilepsy started to ease off a bit but then the psoriasis started, and I have had it all my life ever since.

I saw my dermatologist and said there were four types of treatments. First was UV, a little machine they put you in and you get sun burned. I was also on two lots of tablets and the ointment.

I can tell the tablets started to help a bit but one is a strong tablet and you have to get checked up every six months for your kidneys.

I have to see another dermatologist at the PA and that doctor will decide about a treatment that is a needle. I think it is a once monthly, or twice monthly needle.

The main trigger for the psoriasis is stress. I am a stress addict. Anything that happens I’m just stressed to the max. Doctors asked me to see other Doctors as well. They asked am I worried about anything? I do worry. The doctors focus around everything: anxiety, depression. I always think, “Where is this coming from?’

I go to a psyche doctor and he reports to my local GP. He is helping but I still stress big time.

Back in 2011 I was on the Gold Coast and on the way home my partner and I had a car accident. I landed in Robina hospital with back damage. That lasted for years. I went to a doctor with pain from the back and he said he would do a cortisone injection into my back. I said, “Well don’t put me way out – just numb me, because me and anesthetic don’t mix”. My partner also told him that. He said, “no, no we will do as you say”. But he gave me a full anesthetic.

Coming out of that anesthetic I went into two epileptic fits. By the time they got me down into ICU I went into another epileptic fit. So what I am hearing from family is that I had four epileptic fits in Robina. They transferred me over to the Gold Coast hospital, still in a coma because that is where the neurosurgeons were. I was in the induced coma for ten days. They say they lost me twice and the doctors brought me back. They called the family meetings and said, “If Jean doesn’t come out of the coma you could lose him, or he could be a vegetable”. When I hear things like that it stresses me. The stress levels go right up.

My sister passed away at 8 from an epileptic coma, and my mum and dad have passed on. When I was in that coma I saw Mum and Dad and I heard bells. Well that will be because I was on life support. I could see Mum running to the nurse. On the other side of me was my dad and my younger sister. She was touching me just lightly on the hand.

I told my cousin later and he said, “Were you scared?” I told him, well no I wasn’t because I knew it was my Mum, Dad and my sister.