Legal Conduct and Practice

You have been employed to be part of a new team at the Victorian Office of the Legal Services Commissioner. The Legal Services Commissioner is very keen to be proactive in raising the standards of the legal profession, and he is eager to be fully informed about current issues pertaining to contemporary legal practice, especially under the Uniform Law.


The Legal Services Commissioner wants to publish a series of discussion papers in order to promote discussion on a range of issues that affect legal practice now and in the forseeable future. He is acutely aware that there is a range of conflicting views within the legal profession, about many of these issues and room for improving legal service delivery


You are asked to write a discussion paper (500 words excluding footnotes and bibliography) focusing on the Uniform Law.

In the discussion paper you are expected to:

  • Consider, generally, the Uniform Law
  • Select topic of ADMISSION pertaining to the regulation and operation of the legal profession and analyse how the Uniform Law changes or does not change the operation and regulation of the legal profession.
  • Detail what you recommend should be the Commissioner’s stance or view on the topics
  • Present arguments for the future direction of the legal profession as it relates to the topics, and any changes to current law or thinking that you recommend
  • Research your paper by using a range of resources including relevant legislation, cases, rulings of disciplinary tribunals, commentary in professional journals, academic writing and newspapers.