Virtual Museum Exhibit

Virtual Museum Exhibit

Subject: History
For the Culminating Activity of this course, your task is to produce a virtual museum (digital or online) exhibit on a specific topic in Canadian history. You can present your exhibit by creating a website, blog, Powerpoint, or Prezi presentation etc. If you are comfortable using another type of digital media, feel free to do so, as long as you fulfill the expectations of the assignment.

Read over the instructions carefully, and consider the rubric (by clicking the icon at the top right of the box). If you have any questions before you get started, contact your teacher.

Step #1: Select a Topic

You will first choose one of the topic sections of the course that interests you: allies and enemies, military, sovereignty, external forces, regional issues, aboriginal affairs, politics, economics and culture, women, immigration or human rights. If you wish, you may narrow down one of these topics further (for example, you could focus on French-English relations, Canada’s relationship with Britain or the United States, etc.).

Step #2: Review the Topic and Develop a Timeline

The exhibit will be based on the topic you’ve chosen, and it will take the form of a timeline that addresses at least 10 significant events in your area of focus. The timeline must be ordered from the earliest to the most recent significant events, and you must cover all major periods of Canadian history in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Review the course section or sections that apply to your topic, and note what you believe to be the most significant events in this area of Canadian history.

Step #3: Collect Primary Sources and Artifacts

Collect digitalized versions of primary sources or artifacts (image, newspaper article, audio or audio-visual etc.) that connect to your timeline. You must provide at least one primary source or artifact for each event, just like you did for your "Challenge and Change" assignment. Remember to record your references!

Step #4: Interpretation

Write a description of each event on your timeline, and how your primary source or artifact connects to this event. State the event’s significance in Canadian history (its short- and long-term impacts).

Step #5: Create Your Virtual Exhibit!

Put together your virtual exhibit, with the timeline events, the primary sources and the descriptions placed appropriately. Make sure it’s professional, engaging and attractive to the viewer.

Include a title and introduction to your exhibit, in which you explain the overall theme or thesis that the timeline supports. What does your virtual exhibit and timeline reveal to us about this topic in Canadian history? How have things changed, or progressed, in this area of focus?

Don’t forget to supply a reference list with your exhibit (including citations for your pictures, and any other primary sources you incorporate.


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