Topic: The Essential Lewis and Clark

Answer the following question:

How extensive were the trading networks and connections of the Native Americans with whom Lewis and Clark�s expeditionary force came in contact?

In your answer you may choose to highlight both those who were, as well as those who were not, well-connected to distant societies. In other words, you don�t have to attribute the same characteristics to all native people. If you do find, however, that some natives were more connected to outside societies than others, you should try to give an answer about why that was.

IMPORTANT: You must use evidence and citations from at least three out of the book�s seven chapters (there are five volumes and two concluding chapters overall).

You must have a thesis, as well as citations and evidence from the book, in your response. Moreover, your paper must be a full four (4) pages in length.

Please abide by the formatting requirements set out in the syllabus: one (1) inch margins (be sure to check this when you first start typing out your paper); Times New Roman, 12-point font; double-spaced. You use in-text citations. You do not need to provide a bibliography or works cited page.

The book that you use for the citations and the whole paper is: The Essential Lewis and Clark