HST 325 Immigration and Ethnicity Primary Source Approval

The requirements for your 4 sources are that they 1. Have to concern immigrants or immigration 2. Be from four different immigrant groups (i.e. you can’t have four sources all on Dutch immigrants) 3. One of the four sources has to be dated pre-1865. You are welcome and encouraged to have family history or the experiences of friends serve as one, or more of the sources. You can use as many sources as you feel necessary, but all outside sources you use must be approved. The Primary Source Approval will be in the form of an annotated bibliography. An example will be posted, but in essence, you must provide a complete and proper citation for your source and then provide a paragraph description of the source. The purpose of approval is twofold: 1. to make sure that you have your sources and 2. To make sure you have read through your sources. The grading for the Primary Source Approval breaks down as follows: first-time approval 40 points, and then a 10% deduction each for any source that needs to be replaced. So, if you need to replace two sources, it is a 20% deduction. The most common reason for source rejection is because the source is a secondary not a primary source; be sure to ask if you are unclear on the different. The other common reason for rejection is lack of a clearly pre-1865 source. For sources that need to be replaced, you must submit new sources until receiving final approval. Finally, in order to receive points for any aspect of the project, you first must have your primary sources approved. The points are only associated with on-time submissions, but even if you don’t submit your sources on time, you must still submit 4 sources in order to be eligible for the points for the Presentation and the Paper.