Eric Foner Give Me Liberty! An American History

In a seven to nine page typed, double-spaced term paper, you are to choose from one of the two choices offered below. Your finished paper must be well cited with a bibliography or works cited page at the end. I expect to see at least five credible outside sources used in support of your discussion. Your title page, must list the course title, section time, date and your name. The paper is due no later than the fourteenth week of instruction.

Choose THREE of the people, or groups, in Eric Foner’s Voices of Freedom reader and fully develop them analytically. I DO NOT want three separate biographies but a paper that compares and contrasts the individual selections in a flowing narrative that focuses on the idea of freedom. How did each interpret the concept of American freedom? What contributions did they make to their times? What challenges did they face? How did they see the idea of freedom extended to others? Besides the Voices reader and the textbook an additional five outside sources are required. NOTE: encyclopedias are not credible sources for citation in a research paper.
Books that have to be references!!!
1. Give me liberty! An American History Seagull Forth Edition Volume 2
2. Voices of Freedom A Documentary History Eric Foner Fourth Edition Volume 2