discuss U.S. History from 1492 to Reconstruction.


I will not be able to provide any copy of the book/any chapters of the book so please make sure that you have it before doing this project. let me know if you have questions.
Please have the textbook

Goldfield, David, et al, The American Journey, CR 2015. (chapters 1-16).

Sheets, Kevin B. (ed. ) Sources for America’s History. Vol. 1,

Answer the following questions as completely as possible. The first exam will be over chapters 1-4 from the textbook. If additional sources are used, students will need to provide a Works Cited Page. Do not use the internet for sources.

1. What was the Colombian Exchange? What were some of the positive and negative consequences from it? Be sure to describe the first encounters between Europeans and indigenous groups in the West paying attention specifically to Spanish, French, and English. Also, be sure to mention the environmental impact of it as well.

2. What similarities and differences in religious practice do you see in North American colonies? What similarities and differences do you see between indigenous and European groups?

3. What was the Enlightenment? What was its effect on European society as well as on the American colonies? What were the major philosophers of the movement and what were the major beliefs of the period? How did these beliefs play a role in the American Revolution?

4. List the 5 most important events (according to you) that occurred between 1400 and 1763 as it pertains to US History. The events did not need to occur in the colonies but need to have had some sort of impact on them. Be sure to explain why the events were important as well.

Answers need to be submitted in Word format and in 12 font, double-spaced. Be sure to number your answers. Each answer needs to be AT LEAST 2 PAGES IN LENGTH. The exam is due on Saturday December 19th by 10:00pm

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