Development of Bulgaria’s economy- pre and post the communist regime

The topic is the Bulgarian economics and development of the country (economically)before and after the communist regime of Bulgaria. There needs to be poverty,growth, employment and etc. discussed.


1) The topic of the paper should be related Development Economics

2) The paper should be between 2700-3000 words.

Approaches to writing the paper

Through this paper, I expect students to gain a better and deeper understanding of the topic chosen. The paper should

a) Reflect research work done by the student

b) Display nuanced and thoughtful treatment of the material presented in the paper

c) Be well written and organized.

i) The paper should have an introduction, a middle and a conclusion.

ii) Students are expected to look up different articles, paper, book chapters, newspaper clippings and websites to collect information on their topics.

iii) Please DO NOT plagiarize. If you have questions about this, please contact me.

iv) Students are expected to have a bibliography at the end of the paper.