general practitioners attitude towards the use of effective interventions in reducing the prescribing of hypnotics

need you to use the paper I will upload as a model for you but you need to add (z-drugs) with benzodiazepines. you can also use these key words if you find them useful ((((((belief) OR OR “qualitative research”))) AND ((((((((Sedatives and Hypnotics) OR (Hypnotics) OR (Sedatives) OR (Hypnotic Effect) OR (Effect, Hypnotic) OR (Hypnotic Effects) OR (Effects, Hypnotic) OR (Sedative Effect) OR (Effect, Sedative) OR (Sedative Effects) OR (Effects, Sedative)))) OR (((Benzodiazepines) OR (Benzodiazepine) OR (Benzodiazepine Compounds)))) OR (((zopiclone) OR (eszopiclone) OR (zolpidem) OR (zaleplon)))) OR “z drugs”) OR “non-benzodiazepine”)) AND (((General Practitioner) OR (General Practitioners) OR (Practitioner, General) OR (Practitioners, General) OR (Physicians, General Practice) OR (General Practice Physician) OR (General Practice Physicians) OR (Physician, General Practice) OR (Practice Physicians, General)))
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