Graduation Project proposal

to write proposal for my IT project, this proposal for “My wedding App”

the below is the requirements:
Give a brief description about the project focusing on:
 The history of your idea
 The problem you realized which leads you to choose this idea
 Short description about the idea and its implementation
 Your idea as suitable solution
 Benefits of the idea
2. Objectives:
In the objectives you have to focus on the main objectives to implement your
idea or the solution of the problem you mentioned in the description above.
3. Project Field:
The field of study you will need to search to be able to implement your idea
correctly Example: If your idea is helping Blind people using Android
application, you need to search on Ophthalmology field + Computer field
and so on…
4. Required Background:
Any background required to implement your idea correctly like JAVA, SQL
and so on…
5. Project Keywords:
The Keywords you will use to describe your idea and implement it.
Regarding the idea of blind people you need keywords like Android, Blind
and so on…
6. Expected Results
Explain the expected final work after implementing your idea such as
Android application helping blind people recognize the type of drink by
using smell sensors connected to the processor …Etc.

the below my berif description about the project
the Brides in all around the world are so interested in the details of the wedding party and the processing of wedlock and before the wedding the bride might faced so many problems during getting ready for the wedding like difficulty managing and organizing the wedding in a short time and may require them time and effort that does not cover the budget set for …the wedding from this point the idea is came

My wedding app” it helps you to organize the wedding without the trouble and effort and costs specified”
application “my wedding” platform electronic help the user in the wedding party processing ,, This app allows the user to gets ready for the wedding in processing all the options that are compatible with its budget in all of the events
this app provide two major service :
1-order of occasion:

It is a service that helps the user in making the best decision for the needs of the occasion where the user is asked to choose the appropriate type, and then choose the minimum and maximum price for each service, and then the system displays a list of shops and services proposed total amount of the cost of this occasion ..

2- Viewing the list of services:
This service allows the user to view and search for the separate services in detail of the service rendered with the possibility to save the service in the Favorites or service evaluation or add comments on the service
Benefits of the program
The program allows the user to manage the wedding 1-
2. provide the time and effort for the user
organizing the wedding depends on your budget