Virtual Systems Management Company Overview

Virtual Systems Management
Company Overview
The company that I would like to use in this course is an Oil and Natural Gas company called GasCo. This company is made up of 12,000 employees and has locations throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Canada and Southwestern portion of the United States. The primary mission was to identify and locate oil and Natural gas but now the organization as moved into extracting oil from the oil sands of Canada and opening retail locations to provide natural gas to 1.7 million homes in Central Canada and Southwestern United States. The primary headquarters is located in Houston Texas where oil and gas companies have the largest footprint. In the last few years, the Organization has seen its share of growing pains and moving into selling products and services to homeowners and Businesses has been a challenge (Sandlin, Enterprise Content Management, 2012).
Description of Network
The infrastructure is made up of several data centers centrally located in regions where work is being done and then mirrored back at the corporate office data center. This center houses numerous servers and has local back and disaster recovery storage methods. The network connection will be various speeds depending on the area in which the facility is located. The servers at this facility will be mainly Microsoft application based and is built as per the standard. In the environment we will have Active Directory running to ensure that proper user and equipment hierarchy is setup and maintained. The users computers is made up of desktop and laptop depending on the user and will be of a local area network (LAN) running some variation of Microsoft software as well as other business content software. In this environment the users will have access to shared printers, scanners and shared folders and other networked devices by using standard TCP/IP protocols. Remote users will utilize secure connections to allow for FTP file transfers and secure connections via VPN allow for users away from the facility to connect in and have the ability to use internal business applications such as email, various applications such as HR and Payroll to engineering and proprietary software at their fingertips no matter where they are. Some of the different types of hardware is listed here to have a better understanding of how each component is a business necessity. All of these components make up the Network resources and each will play a major role in the way GasCo will handle its Business.
o Email: As a main function of daily work, individuals need company email to communicate daily business which includes scheduling abilities
o Software : for the main operating system that incorporates and links the departments of the business, customers, distribution centers and other daily business needs together for high quality services
o Desktops : Example of hardware needed for individuals to perform daily tasks
o Servers: That link the network together and provides optimized levels of performance for meeting the needs of the business
o VOIP and Communications: This will be used to update our communication to allow for employees to have the ability to increase the reach of our employees as well as allowing clients to reach us
o Printers: For various working points to share throughout the building
o Fiber: Cabling For Ethernet setup which handles the needs now and allows for upgrading in the future as the business continues to grow over the next five, ten and twenty years
o Switches and Routers: To interconnect internal as well as outside network offices and ability to share files and equipment (Sandlin, IT640- Telecommunication and Networking, 2012)
In the current design of the network the staff will able to maintain and provide support on issues that come up as well as testing new applications before they move into production. In having a well maintained network is the ability to monitor security breaches, by simply labeling connections and mapping locations will become useful in the event of an emergency.
GasCo has an obligation to its stakeholders to stay competitive in today’s business environment with having the ability to remote access into the company’s information we can then collaborate on different types of projects, access client history, suppliers, HR as well as internal work issues. We can now provide a safe and secure way for the employees to access this information no matter where they are located. Keeping key individuals linked to the business will promote success and support throughout the entire business and ensure that the needs of the business are met. As we look at the overall infrastructure the network resources needed to handle the day to day activities you will see a delicate balancing act between hardware and software. In figure “A” you will see the classic layout of a smaller data center.
Figure “A”
(All re-purposed from IT640 – Telecommunications and Networking MSandlin)

This company is a fictitious company that I made up and have used in another class. The rest of the assignments in this class will be original.


1. Include a summary of the benefits that the company (this company is provided) would realize through the implementation of virtual technology.

2. Overview of Virtualization
1. Provide an overview of the virtual technology plan that is suitable for a nontechnical audience.
2. The overview must identify the areas of the organization that can benefit from the use of virtualizati
on in areas of network management, server management, data management, and cloud computing.

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