Movie review of Age of Innocent

Creat a thesis centered essay that you feel genuinely embraces some of the salient conclusions that you have reached.
1. As an art form, movies involve literature, the political and plastic art, music, dance, theater, and even architecture. The student interested in architecture might thus respond keenly to an Eisenstein or Antonioni movie, if he or she can direct that interest to how these film makers use architectural space to add to the drama that they are presenting.(I’m an architecture student)
2. The images that you see on a movie screen are the product of certain influences and conditions, not just the world seen through the frame. The movies are not just about a subject but the rendition of that subject for particular reasons and to creat certain meanings. Film are not just about a story, a character, a place, or a way of life; they are also what john Berger has called a away of seeing at these elements in our life. Any film at any point in history might describe a family, war or the conflict between races, but the ways these are shown and the reasons they are shown in a particular way can vary greatly.
3. To write an intelligent, perceptive analysis of the stories and characters in the movies, you must be prepared to see them as constructed according to certain forms and styles that arise from many different historical influences. This is what analysis of film is essentially about: examining and commerce. Respond to those influences that most interest you. Maintain a questioning mind from the opening credits to the closing theme.
4. Elementary questions
a. What does the title mean in relation to the story?
b. Why does the movie start in the way it does?
c. When was the film made?
d. Why are the opening credits presented in such a manner against this? Particular background?
e. Why does the film conclude on this image?
f. How is this movie different from or similar to recent Hollywood films or does it harken back to films from an older generation?
g. Does this film resemble any foreign film?
h. Is there a pattern of striking camera movement, perhaps long shots or dissolves or abrupt transitions?