Research paper on Environmental ethics

In the study of environmental ethics, there is a discussion of how certain ethical theories (Kant’s Deontology and Mill’s Utilitarianism) are anthropocentric. Explain (briefly) in essence Kant’s deontology (categorical imperative, duty, intentionality) and Mill’s utilitarianism (principle of utility, importance of consequences, differences between higher pleasures and lower pleasures, justice). Then explain anthropocentrism and how Plato’s emphasis on the common good within the kallipolis can be in agreement with the concern for the environment that is central to environmental ethics (guardians, justice in the city and the soul, etc.). It is optional to bring in how theories of nonviolence (MLK and Gandhi) and ecofeminism (Shiva) would support this concern for the common good in a way that goes beyond anthropocentrism).

1.3-4 paragraphs
2.Central thesis (argument based upon logical reasoning)
3.Define/explain relevant philosophical concepts/terms with philosophical baggage.
4.Answer all parts of the questions and relate the ideas together coherently