You work in a steel construction business. The paint division has very sophisticated filtrationand monitoring systems to ensure that the air pollution by the paint it uses is minimal. The business is very successful and routinely secures large projects like bridges and other largeconstruction jobs. The Government recently declared the zone where you have your main factory a “high air quality area” which means that only paints with less than 70g/L of VOCs
(volatile organic compounds) can be used. This area was classed as requiring high quality restrictions because it routinely suffered from very poor quality air. However, many of the paints the business uses especially on high exposure steel have higher VOCs. Relocating the plant is going to be extremely expensive, lower VOC paint will reduce the quality of the 1finished job. The project manager has suggested a solution: do the painting on the job, mostly outside the high air quality zone. Routine exemptions are granted for work done in the field anyway. The law will allow it, but it will mean that higher levels of VOCs will be released into the atmosphere since the sophisticated filtration systems cannot be deployed in the field. What does your team recommend?

And this is a group assignment and my parts is finding some examples and compare with this topic, so, the job u need to do is finding the examples related to this case and analyse that.