Urban Migration


It is either “Why is urban migration popular” Why are people migrating to urban areas? “urban Migration is causing urban renewal”.

Problem statement-What are the causes for Urban migration?
outcome-urban renewal

I was thinking about focusing on employment, transportation, and lifestyles in urban areas.

—The purpose of this exercise is to give you some practice and experience in operationalizing concepts and
constructing hypotheses. For concept formation, you are encouraged to be creative, but make sure that you have reduced the theoretical concept to concrete, directly observable, countable indicators. If not, you have not operationalized your concept. For hypothesis construction, you must follow the forms of hypothesis that are commonly used
in social science research.
The concepts and hypotheses should be selected from your prospective research problem. In this way, the assignment will be an integral part of your research paper proposal.
There is no page limit on this assignment. Your work will be graded primarily on the coherence and consistency of your concept definition and hypothesis construction.

1. Provide 2 to 3 page summary of your proposed research, discussing the general problem, research question(s), research scope, and research objective.

2. Select two concepts from your research problem that you have identified in the abstract. Make sure that one concept is concerned with your independent (cause) property, and the other is your dependent (outcome) property.

3. For each concept, provide a conceptual definition, develop an operational definition, and provide 2 to 3 indicators.

4. Based on your operationalizations, provide 2 to 3 verbal hypotheses using the defined
concept-variable-indicator that would describe the causal relationship(s) of your research problem.