Theory Reflection Essay

Theory Reflection Essay

Write a theory reflection essay on Ralf Dahrendorf
refer to Chapter 4 of "Contemporary Social Theory and Its Classical Roots" The Basics" third edition George Ritzer
An introduction: Briefly outline what the essay will discuss, including the choice of theory/theorist and explaining why this one was chosen 2 points 2) A brief description of the historical, economic, political and social/cultural circumstances of the time during which the theory was developed 1 point: economy of the time 1 point: political situation of the time 1 point: cultural/social climate of the time, e.g. any major world or national events, any prominent social movements active 1 point: identification of location in the world 4 points total 3) A description of the theory in your own words, including any key terms or concepts and associated definitions; 5 points: correct explanation of the theory, demonstrating comprehension of the ideas found in the theory, describing key ideas 3 points: identification and explanation of key concepts & other relevant terms 8 points total 4) A brief description of a life event or circumstances that you will use to explore the applicability of the theory to real life circumstances, in this case your life and the society in which you have been raised; 2 points 5) Application of the theory to your life circumstance as noted in 4). Note merits and detriments. 3 points: application is demonstrating comprehension of the theory, not necessarily a complete comprehension or complete application, sufficient to demonstrate some understanding 3 points: identification one merit and one detriment 6 points total 6) Conclusion: Final commentary of overall applicability of the theory to your life circumstances 2 points 7) Bibliography 1 point 25 points total

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