Topic: Terrorism

Order type: Essay

The first page of the essay should address: On page 159 of a textbook, White (2012) initiates a discussion about the roots of modern terrorism. During his discussion, White (2012, p. 162) states �The Enlightenment and the birth of democracy give rise to two paradoxes. The first deals with the relationship between democracy and terrorism. F. Gregory Gause III (2005) points to a variety of studies about this relationship, and he comes to a depressing conclusion. Terrorist attacks occur more frequently in democracies than in countries with any other form of government.�

With this statement in mind,address the following questions:

Why is it that democracies are more receptive or more favorable to terrorist attacks than theocracies, autocracies, or dictatorship style governments?

What specific elements of a democracy allow terrorists or extremists to collaborate, plan, and execute attacks on the very country in which they are operating?

What specific challenges does this mean to a democratic government?

How does democratic government control and mitigate the effects of terrorism without becoming a repressive entity focusing on strictly monitoring and punishing behavior of its citizens?

Does the fact that democracies are more favorable to terrorism mean that the United States is faced with an endless future of extremist and terrorist attacks? Why or why not?