Reflection paper

s is a Reflection Paper about a 63 year old male individual name Mr. Thibs. He was sentenced to federal prison for a duration of 18months. He was convicted of a white collar crime, something about stealing, laundering money from banks and transferring them to other accounts. He spoke about how afraid he was before beginning his sentencing. His family was traumatized from the experience, he then later divorced his wife and became distant with his kids who or now grown. FBI investigated this case for about Seven years before he was arrested and convicted.
Remember, a reflection paper is the student’s opportunity to add his or her thoughts and analysis to what has been read or experienced.
A reflection paper is meant to illustrate understanding of the material and how it affects the student’s ideas and possible practice in future.

Imagine waking up in the morning in your own bed, next to your spouse, starring at the ceiling wall and wondering to yourself that today, I am getting incarcerated. I will be spending the next two years in a federal prison for a crime that I was convicted for. I am getting placed with the most violent, heinous offenders in a federal prison.
Just give your thoughts and imagine if you was getting incarcerated. Not only are you getting effected, but also your family.
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